Training on 26 th jan.

training 26 th Jan

First time we are doing online training at your home on whatsapp for people who can’t travel due to his work and unable to fulfills his own hobby (gardening which he /she wants to do commercially) in hydroponic .

Secondly people who can travel and join training with high payment fees like 5000 /2500  +traveling exp.+staying exp.  After all he get basic without any consultancy .

So looking all these we take this initiative and now people are asking why whatsapp then I want to say because today almost every people using whatsapp and all are known how to use it.

Complete your wish ,your hobby  fr learning and growing hydroponic vegetables with us , attend training get basic knowledge and also we give u 1 month consultancy fr setup trial on your rooftop .

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    1. sorry fr late reply now will tell u we do in feb.

    2. now we are doing on 24th feb.
      more u can whatsapp me

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