We are first manufacturer in india who are making hydroponics system products like NFT , DUTCH BUCKET (BATAO BUCKET) ,GROW BED ,VERTICALL WALL  in UVprotected ,100% foodsafe material and that is fiberglass which is 100% foodsafe , UV protected and does not leech and does not react with hydroponic nutrients and does not produce any harmful chemical  like BPA, PATHELETS .

We are there to trying manufacturing more and more products and making people aware about hydroponics.

We are manufacturing home system for terrace gardening and motivated more and more people to grow there own food without using any pesticide ,without soil.

We are also supply products for commercial setup as we have tie up with several commercial farm setup consultant .we are also giving hydroponic basic knowledge to add more and more people in this.

Our vision:-

In our breakfast/launch/dinner vegetables is our necessity  . Where soil have exposed to so many fertilizer and pesticides 

that we are getting disease with our food and that the reason cancer patient are increased from last some years.looking to
 this as we want to motivate each and every individuals to  make there terrace as there kitchen garden and have to grow
 vegetables without using of soil/fertilizer and pesticide, hydroponic garden where  u can produce vertically more fresh 

vegetables for your family and can also help to manage your  kitchen budget.

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