Ebb and Flow systems, which are also known by the name Flood and Drain .They’re still quite effective and can be the best choice depending on your situation. An ebb and flow system does not expose the roots of your plants to nutrient solution on a constant basis. Instead, you grow in a tray filled with a growing medium. The tray is “flooded” with your nutrient solution a few times per day, depending on factors like:
  • The size of your plants
  • The water requirement of your plants
  • The air temperature
  • Where your plants are in their growth cycle
Flooding is accomplished by using a reservoir below the tray, a water pump, and a timer to schedule the flooding cycle. After the tray is flooded, gravity drains the solution back down into the reservoir, where it is being oxygenated by an air pump and air stone. It sits there waiting for the next flood cycle, and the process goes on. Hydroponic growers choose ebb and flow systems for their flexibility. Most of them will fill the tray with a growing medium of their choice and also add net pots to organize their plants and control the roots a bit more.

Benefits of Ebb and Flow :-

  • Efficient use of water and energy
  • Highly customize to your specific needs

Downsides of Ebb and Flow:-

  • Roots can dry out quickly if environmental conditions are off or the pump or timer fails
  • Uses a lot of growing medium
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