The Nutrient Film Technique, which  refer to as NFT, is a popular commercial hydroponic system.​

In NFT plants are grown in channels that have a nutrient solution pumping through them and constantly running along the bottom of the channel. When the solution reaches the end of the channel, it drops back into a main reservoir and is sent back to the beginning of the system again. This makes it a recirculating system, just like deep water culture.

Unlike deep water culture, your plants roots are not completely submerged in a NFT system — hence the “film” part of the system’s name.

Plants are placed in these channels using net pots and growing medium and can be replaced or harvested on a one-by-one basis. ​

  • Unbelievable growth.
  • One of the most productive    system.
  • Bigger  yield.
  • Reduce labor time.
  • Most cost effective growing system.
  • Utilization of vertical space.

Benefits of Nutrient Film Technique :-

  • Minimal growing medium needed.
  • Recirculating system means less waste.

Downsides of Nutrient Film Technique :-

  • Pump failure of any kind can completely ruin your crop
  • Roots can become overgrown and clog the channels

Special note :- In  NFT system a NFT length should not more then 20 feet  for  continuous system as oxygen  levels goes down ,that’s effect plants growth in system.

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